Capitol Bedding was started in Lansing, Michigan in 1946. Over 65 years later, and you will still find our factory in Lansing. We are extremely proud of the fact that we have been able to give Michiganders a good nights sleep for so long. Like everyone else around here, we struggled at times in the 70's, and also with the economy lately... but like everyone else in Michigan, we will perservere, and continue to make quality beds for our home state.


If you are from Lansing you may be familiar with the old Gladstone flooring store. Well, in the 1940's Mr. Gladstone also owned a small mattress and furniture cushion refurbishing company. In 1946, Alfred Beuerle purchased that business for the sum total of 700 mattresses, to be paid to Mr. Gladstone. Al Beuerle turned that business into the Capitol Bedding that we know today. He started out continuing to refurbish mattresses and cushions, but eventually the business became solely a mattress manufacturing operation. Year-by-year more employees were added, and the business continued to grow.Starting Out in Michigan


As seen in some of the pictures on this page, we've made some pretty unsightly looking beds through the years. Actually, at the time I'm sure they were the hottest thing going! If there is one thing that Capitol Bedding has done well as a small manufacturer, it's keep up. We have never been complacent, never 'too' stubborn for our own good. Although there are things we simply won't compromise on: building quality beds for a great value, not buying all the things that go into your bed from China, etc... We also know that we have to adapt and give our customers what they want. So over the years we have moved into a larger factory, purchased machinery that will aid us in producing our still hand-crafted beds, and continued to try new materials and methods to give our customers the best sleep possible.Starting Out in Michigan


Things are looking up for us, and it seems everyone else around here. We have not only survived the downturns, but lately, we have taken great leaps forward. While everyone was worrying if the economy was going to collapse, we were hard at work revamping our entire bedding lineup! It gets harder every year as prices rise, and competition gets greater. What Capitol Bedding has, and always will, focus on is value. Value meaning a high-quality Michigan-made product at a fair price. Our owners and employees all live here, work here, and raise their families here in Michigan, so we know how important a good value is to everyone. We look forward to serving your sleep needs for a long time to come!